The University of Illinois Algebra-Geometry-Combinatorics Seminar
Spring 2024, Time: Thursdays 3-3:50PM, Place: Altgeld Hall 345

date speaker affiliation title
February 2nd
Special Colloquium
4:00-4:50pm, 245 Altgeld

Juliette Bruce Brown Syzygies Beyond Projective Space
February 22nd
Sylvester Zhang University of Minnesota Schubert Calculus and the Boson-Fermion Correspondence
February 29th
Slava Naprienko University of North Carolina Three approaches to representation theory of p-adic groups
March 7th
Amanda Welch Eastern Illinois University Cyclic Sieving on Permutations – An Analysis of Maps and Statistics in the FindStat Database
March 21st
Combinatorics/Department Colloquium
4:00-4:50pm, 245 Altgeld
Greta Panova University of Southern California Computational Complexity in Algebraic Combinatorics
March 28th
Nick Ovenhouse Yale P-partitions, Dimer Models, and Higher Continued Fractions
April 4th
Combinatorics Colloquium
3:00-3:50pm, 245 Altgeld
Steven Karp Notre Dame Positivity in real Schubert calculus
April 25th
Department Colloquium
2:30-3:30pm, 245 Altgeld
Ezra Miller Duke Geometric central limit theorems on non-smooth spaces
May 9th
Abigail Price UIUC Filtered RSK: A Tale of Two Bases
May 16th
Jaewon Min UIUC Littlewood-Richardson coefficients and Newell-Littlewood numbers

Abstracts are available here .

Past seminars

The seminar co-organizers are Ian Cavey, Andrew Hardt, Shiliang Gao, Elizabeth Kelley, and Alexander Yong.